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NamePlus Name Variation

NominoData’s NamePLUS is the world’s largest name variant databases with millions of cataloged names and variants from around the world.

This data is crucial for customer entity recognition and data quality/MDM solutions.

Nomino is Latin for Name.

One Click Compliance
Search Engine

This solution elegant search solution provides the investigator, analyst or researcher a tool to conduct due diligence

All in an easy to use one click interface. One Click Compliance reveals your risk exposure.

OFACplus Sanctions Data

A service that normalizes sanctions/watch lists and risk data into an easy to use file or XML/JSON web service to enable risk management and regulatory compliance. The data is automatically updated and distributed.

Negative News Service

NegativeNewsPlus is a unique negative news search engine that reduces the time analysts spend when performing enhanced due-diligence by returning only risk related information.

Cannabis Related Businesses Data 

A data file that identifies legitimate CRBs and their Beneficial Owners in all the “legalized” states.  Provides up to date information about the businesses and their owners.
 The data is easily integrated with other systems available in CSV JSON or XML formats


High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) and High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (HIFCA) Database File Solution for Financial Institutions Compliance Programs

Trafficking Risk Data

The data file provides up to date information about the potential hot-spots and the people related to them. While each state has different identifying data, generally, the data file has core information needed to conduct primary due diligence and enhanced due diligence of financial risk.

Sanctions Guru

Sanctions Guru is a data service that aggregates high-risk watch lists into a single, easily consumable data file. 

With our extensive historical data archive we can re-create sanctions data as it appeared over a specific date range in common formats.

This is needed in order to perform look back testing as well as verifying existing systems. 



Automated risk search service in the cloud.
Complete coverage with security and total reliability.

Based on the powerful and lightning-fast Elasticsearch platform hosted on Amazon to support scalable secure access NominoData is offering all of its databases in a flexible cost effective service.

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