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A due diligence tool for analysts, investigators and financial institutions.


It is essential for financial institutions and other
businesses that utilize critical due diligence to be empowered to obtain real time intelligence data.

NominoData has revolutionized the process by creating a comprehensive, easy to use solution. This solution, with a simplistic user interface provides the investigator, analyst or researcher a tool to conduct due diligence work. Whether the business requirements are for on-boarding, FIU investigations, EDD, Red Flag or alert response, case follow-up or any other task, OneClickCOMPLIANCE reveals the information.

The solution also includes a batch utility, an audit trail and automated updating that displays updated negative news information without reentering the name.

OneClickCOMPLIANCE can be linked with any transaction monitoring, case management or KYC platform. It can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Data Sets Include:

Negative News: Cache contains historic open source risk relevant intelligence information that spans over four decades. It’s not just a transparent Google search, but a laser focused research search tool providing comprehensive essential information about individuals and entities

PEPS: Global information about Politically Exposed Persons and their associates

Sanctions/ Watch-lists: Global listings that include the sanctioned individual/entity with the referenced sanctioning body or government

Beneficial Corporate Position: Identifies
corporate position and beneficial status
pertaining to individuals and entities

Corporation Listing: Reveals corporate
openings and closures

Exchange Enforcement Actions: Reveals
exchange actions pertaining to individuals and entities

Panama Papers / Wiki Leaks: Reveals listings on Panama Papers, Wiki Leaks and other critical high risk lists

Global Most Wanted: Search most wanted lists from around the world.

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