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Reseller and Partner opportunities

NominoData partners with over 50 companies.

Our partners include companies in the financial services, insurance, investigations, transaction monitoring, identity verification and case management verticals.

NominoData works with our partners to form a unique joint value by empowering them to deliver to their customer’s world-class data solutions. These data solutions enable customers to meet their business requirements by benefiting from the combined strength of NominoData and our partner.

Why Partner?

Collaborating with NominoData provides our partners with data that enhances their applications, platforms, services and product offerings. The partnership results in vibrant robust data offerings, increased revenues and most importantly delighted customers.

What data solutions does NominoData offer for partners?

  • Negative News– global and domestic open source data cache of risk relevant information from media, government sources and industry blog

  • Politically Exposed Persons-PEPS data file for U.S. Domestic local, state and federal officials, International PEPS/REPS and associates (by open source information 7.6 million links)

  • Sanctions/ Watch-lists– comprehensive solution that includes government sanctions and watch-lists from the U.S. and around the globe. Can be customized, Updated daily.

  • Marijuana data of legitimate marijuana businesses from the 29+ “legalized” states. Important for due diligence

  • HIDTA/HIFCA  zip-code/town/county data table of designated geographic districts as identified by U.S. Government

  • Name Variation database enabling searches across a comprehensive set of name variations to ensure high quality name recognition. Identify aliases, cultures and genders

  • Panama Papers associates file of 150K + names of PEPS/REPS linked to the Papers listed individual

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