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Russian Risk

Introducing Russian Risk File by Nominodata.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Russian Financial Risks.

Nominodata's Russian Risk File stands as a testament to data precision and comprehensive research, meticulously covering the vast array of financial risks associated with Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. This repository of sanctions data, combined with our unparalleled intelligence on key individuals and entities, makes it an indispensable tool for financial institutions worldwide.



1. Sanctions Data: Deep dive into the complex web of sanctions imposed on Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, ensuring you're always up-to-date with the ever-evolving geopolitical climate.
2. Russian PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons): Access profiles of Russian PEPs, unveiling their financial and political affiliations, which may pose potential risks.


3. Russian Oligarchs: Navigate the world of Russian business magnates, shedding light on their global business endeavors and potential financial risk implications.

4. Russian FSB Agents: Identify individuals linked to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation as leaked by the Ukrainian government.

5. Russian Import-Export Companies: A comprehensive list of active import and export companies, providing insights into their business activities, affiliations, and any associated risks.

6. Russian Flagged Vessels: Keep tabs on maritime assets, a crucial aspect of international trade and potential embargo violations.

7. Known Associates of Vladimir Putin: Discover the intricate network around the Russian leader, understanding the influential players and their impact on the financial world.


- Compliance with FINCEN Guidance (Sept 2023): Seamlessly align your operations with the latest guidance from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, ensuring full compliance and reducing potential legal repercussions.

- Risk Mitigation: By comprehensively understanding the potential financial risks associated with Russia, banks and financial institutions can make informed decisions, safeguarding their operations and clients.

- Due Diligence: Elevate your due diligence processes by leveraging our detailed risk profiles, guaranteeing a thorough background check and validation process for any transaction.

In a world where geopolitical dynamics can change overnight, the Russian Risk File by Nominodata offers banks and financial institutions the clarity and confidence to navigate complex financial landscapes. Whether it's ensuring compliance with the latest regulations or identifying potential risks, this resource stands as an emblem of precision, depth, and trustworthiness.

Trust Nominodata, and fortify your financial decision-making.

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