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About NominoData

NominoData stands at the forefront of addressing today's most pressing identity, compliance, and risk management challenges, with a particular emphasis on AML (Anti-Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Customer), Negative News, Sanctions, Human Trafficking Risk, and Most Wanted Data services. Our unwavering commitment to data as a service (DaaS) combined with our comprehensive expertise in ESG data solidifies our role as an indispensable partner for businesses worldwide.

Our seasoned team of specialists concentrates on devising innovative solutions tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of AML, KYC, and the vigilant monitoring of negative news, sanctions data, risks associated with human trafficking, and databases of most-wanted individuals. NominoData is committed to providing both plug-and-play and integrated solutions that ensure compliance, identity verification, and the utmost vigilance against emerging threats are consistently maintained.

Furthermore, we offer a unique prowess in delivering OEM and white labeling services for software firms. This empowers them to integrate our vast ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data solutions alongside our specialized data services that revolve around sanctions, negative news, human trafficking risks, and tracking the most wanted individuals.

In partnering with NominoData, businesses are not just choosing a data provider; they're aligning with a vision for the future. This vision champions data-centric decision-making, underpins a commitment to sustainable and responsible practices, and reinforces their defense against evolving global threats through strategic OEM and white labeling collaborations.


Al Macdonald, CEO


Al has over 30 years of experience in the computer industry and 19 years building AML compliance systems working both domestically and internationally. His extensive experience covers the major areas of computing technology including networking, web application design, database, imaging and client/server environments. Al has focused his career on developing a technical, customer-centric view spending time in applications development, customer support, technical sales and IT management. This places him in a unique position to design and build applications that minimize support costs and have end-user appeal, as well as being commercially viable.

Formerly the Chief Technology Officer for Regulatory Data Corporation
( Al designed, project managed and implemented the replacement system for the earlier RDC system that used the CDC/Equifax platform. This process included setting up a datacenter to run the new system as well as recruit the staff needed to operate the new platform.
  During this time RDC filed a Patent based on Al’s design and methods. The RDC system is used by the largest financial institutions in the world to screen accounts against the RDC’s terrorist, money laundering and fraud database to comply with the PATRIOT act screening requirements.

Before RDC Al spent the previous 6 years at Compliance Data Center (acquired by
Equifax) directing their application development and computer centers in the brokerage market. CDC/Equifax are a leading consumer and business financial health information suppliers. While at CDC Al designed and implemented a highly secure, online, massive library of media information on individuals and companies, dating back to 1962 that is used extensively by the financial industry.

Prior to CDC, Al was technical sales manager at Computer Base. Before that in the City of London, UK solution selling to F100 size institutions for Morse Group.

Tony Charles Professional Photo.jpg

Tony Charles, COO


Tony is a dynamic senior executive leader with a wealth of experience in operations management, corporate and financial industry compliance, and Data-as-a-Service. With a proven track record of driving revenue growth, enhancing partner effectiveness, and fostering employee satisfaction, Tony is excels in transforming organizations and driving them towards their next level of success.

As Chief Client Officer at Steele Compliance Solutions, Tony guided hundreds of large, multinational companies in transforming their paper policies and manual business processes into fully operational, technology-driven enterprise programs.  Tony ensured companies were efficient with resources by taking a risk based approach starting with third party risk assessments through consulting on and designing third party risk models.  

Tony is a Thought Leader in third party compliance, having served for four years as the Vice Chair on ANSI's Technical Committee 309, the United States' representative committee for ISO Standards related to Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption.  In that role, Tony drafted the third party due diligence guidelines for ISO 37001, Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard.  Tony has been a frequent speaker on third party ABAC compliance at Legal and Compliance Conferences globally, including Compliance Week, SCCE, ACI's annual International Conference on the FCPA, C5's Anti-Corruption London, Anti-Corruption Paris, and others.  


In joining  Nominodata as Chief Operating Officer, Tony is playing a pivotal role in creating scalable business structures and processes to support the exponential interest in the market for Nomino's Data-as-a-Service offering.


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