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Human Trafficking Risk Data

Dive deep into the intricate web of trafficking risk with the latest offering from NominoData. Designed improve the defenses of Financial Institutions (FIs), our advanced data file serves as an indispensable asset in pinpointing and countering potential human trafficking threats.

Key Features:

1. Robust Cross-Referencing: examine customer profiles to recognize indicators such as phone numbers, emails, and other identifiable data that have show high risk of trafficking.
2. Enhanced Due Diligence Trigger: Any match found within NominoData’s dataset should instigate a rigorous enhanced due-diligence process, ensuring no threat goes unnoticed. Look for linked accounts, shared addresses and other data points in your customer profile.

3. Real-Time Hotspot Alerts: Stay informed about burgeoning risk zones and the individuals connected to them with our constantly updated information.

4. Comprehensive Data Coverage: While state-specific data may vary, our file consistently delivers the foundational information required for both primary and enhanced financial risk due diligence.

5. Optimized Integration: The data file is crafted in a user-friendly format, ensuring effortless integration with existing KYC, transaction monitoring, and case management solutions.

Outstanding Achievements:

Trusted by Leading FIs: Numerous esteemed financial institutions have incorporated our data file, reporting transformative enhancements in their risk management processes.
Combatting Trafficking Networks: Our data file has played a pivotal role in dismantling trafficking networks, further accentuating its potency and relevance in today's financial landscape.


In the modern era, where financial risks are increasingly intricate and concealed, NominoData stands as a beacon of reliability, offering tools that not only safeguard financial operations but also contribute to a more secure global financial environment. Elevate your defenses with NominoData.

Data Set Includes:

Identify at-risk clients in your customer file


Name, phone number, email, business name, address


Data is curated from various sources, including the dark web

Updated monthly

Yearly subscription-based or enterprise options

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