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High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) and High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (HIFCA) Database File Solution for Financial Institutions Compliance Programs

Financial Institutions are required to incorporate HIDTA and HIFCA designated areas and counties into their compliance and risk rating programs. In response to this business requirement NominoData has created a data file that can be utilized to specially identify HIDTA and HIFCA listings primarily by zip-code along with State, County, City and Area-Code.

Meeting the Challenge
The need to combat the trafficking of illegal narcotics and to fight financial crime is an important and necessary United States government program. Financial Institutions are a core member of this national public policy initiative. Compliance regulations and guidance mandate financial institutions to use HIDTA HIFCA designations. The U.S. government dispenses this information by county in a variety of communication methods. NominoData recognized the need to consolidate the information in a data file that is easy for financial institutions to utilize in their programs.

Data Solutions

NominoData has taken all the disparate government information and consolidated the HIDTA HIFCA designated counties listing(s) by State, County, City and mapped those counties to Zip-Codes/Area Codes. This data construct benefits the financial institution by enabling compliance and risk scoring officers to identify designated areas in an efficient matching process with customer identification files (CIF) or wherever HIDTA HIFCA due diligence is required for KYC or risk scoring.

Compliance List

  • Identifies regional HIDTA/HIFCA by zip codes

  • Provides compliance officers with essential risk scoring

  • information

  • Details county, town and area codes of HIDTA HIFCA districts

  • Easy to use .csv file

  • Integrates with all technology platforms

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