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The Risk Search Engine



Risk management and compliance are key issues facing today’s global organizations. NegativeNewsPlus is a unique search engine that reduces the time analysts spend when performing enhanced due-diligence on persons or corporations.

NegativeNewsPlus enables you to search the latest negative media and other sources such as enforcement exchange lists and Politically Exposed Persons.


Negative News Plus is a Negative News/Adverse Media data monitoring service providing compliance professionals with up to date and historical negative news for screening and researching individuals and entities. This service solution empowers users with access to automated tools including an audit and portfolio monitoring service that streamlines research, providing seamless updated intelligence information for on-boarding and continues due diligence.

By monitoring negative news and adverse media, our subscribers have an early warning system. In many cases a large amount of time elapses before watch lists and criminal records are updated with events that are presently occurring. Other industry data solutions provide static information derived from conventional customer identification databases. Negative News Plus provides the next level of dynamic information about individuals and entities. Searching with Negative News Plus also reveals information about PEPS,

Sanctions/Watch-lists postings and beneficial ownership parties.


The search engine was designed and created by a leading Financial Crimes data technology architect executive who for the past two decades has been awarded over a dozen patents for his technology builds. In its core, the engines efficiency is powered by intellectual property analytics that identify and then drive data to the user. The purity of the data eliminates invalid artificial intelligence or profiling results that have poisoned other data caches in the industry resulting in improper due diligence conclusions about individuals and entities.


Negative News Plus continually searches National and Global news sources, and government sites adding thousands of newly identified individuals and adverse media items to our data cache making this information immediately available to users.

Negative News Plus has a built-in audit trail that memorializes each search conducted by a researcher. This audit function enables internal and external auditors to quickly confirm that due diligence investigations have been conducted. Additionally, featured is an automatic monitoring function. This updating processor eliminates the need to manually repeat searches by automatically resubmitting historical searches and checking for updated information in a 24-hour cycle. New negative news is posted to the users information portfolio.


The automatic monitoring feature makes this technology a valued member of the compliance team. Batch processing enables the system to be loaded with existing accounts and performs searches on a large number of pre-existing accounts, including high-risk groups, and red flagged or alerted individuals. Once the accounts are loaded they are automatically checked by the monitoring service.


Negative News Plus is a ready-to-deploy, customizable, and scalable search service. The easy to navigate user interface is intuitive, requiring very little user training. It can be joined with any KYC Platform, transaction monitoring, case management or compliance research technology

Smart Adverse Media

  • Access Watch Lists, PEPs, and Negative News

  • Sources updated daily and customizable

  • Active portfolio monitoring and audit trail reporting

  • Web API available for custom integration

  • Available as pay-per-click or annual subscription

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