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Identification of names in various cultures has been a problem for a very long time.  The use of computers and algorithms to match names has been fundamentally flawed from the early usage of Soundex to the application of ever more complex algorithms.

NominoData has assembled name data from around the world to help companies use enhanced name data to look up and supplement an algorithmic approach to entity resolution. NominoData’s NamePLUS is one of the world’s largest name variant databases with millions of cataloged names and variants from around the world.

NamePLUS enables systems to process and identify entities in real-time, providing a response time that is second to none. NamePLUS gives you the flexibility to meet your data and processing needs exactly. Whether using our basic synonym data or our expanded Unicode script-based language data sets, we can provide you the ideal set of name data files spanning countries and languages.


NamePLUS effectively addresses gender, ethnicity and name variation requirements; complex problems in today’s global business market.

NamePLUS is used by companies to help safeguard their business transactions, increase revenue, enter new markets, cleanse data, reduce risk, and avoid potential problems by rapidly analyzing and verifying the names of existing and potential customers, partners or employees.

Our customers include companies active in the areas of data quality, data management, marketing, identity verification, and employee screening.

Usage Example Flow Chart

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