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Create a comprehensive defense for your company by including ElasticRISK in your quiver of mitigation techniques.



NominoData has just taken risk management and search to the next level  with a our new technology offering:  ELASTICrisk.   

Based on the powerful and lightning-fast Elasticsearch platform hosted on Amazon to support tight security, NominoData is offering
all of its risk mitigation databases in one package.

Elasticsearch technology has rapidly become the industry standard in stable, enterprise search options.  Combined with NominoData’s powerful data, your search for a stable and all-encompassing risk mitigation product ends here.

Your search for a stable risk

mitigation product ends here.

Entity Resolution and Names:  Name data is curated internationally help companies use enhanced name data to look up and supplement an algorithmic approach to entity resolution

Comprehensive Compliance: A due-diligence tool for analysts, investigators and financial institutions

  • Negative News

  • PEPS

  • Sanctions/ Watch-lists

  • Beneficial Corporate Position    


Global Risk Data:  Keep Risk and Sanctions in chec

Smart Adverse Media:  Reduces the time analysts spend when performing enhanced due-diligence on persons or corporations.

Cannabis Related Business (CRB) Data Solution:  identifies legitimate CRBs and their Beneficial Owners in all the disparate “legalized” states.

HIDTA/HIFCA Compliance Database: All the
disparate government information and consolidated the HIDTA/HIFCA designated counties listing(s) by State, County, City and  mapped those counties to Zip-Codes/Area Codes

Human Trafficking Risk Data:  Allows FIs to search within customer profiles and identify suspicious data through phone numbers, emails, etc.

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