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Data-as-a-service in the cloud.
Complete coverage with secure total reliability.

A "data as a service" offering leverages the powerful and lightning-fast Elasticsearch platform hosted on Amazon, enabling scalable secure access to NominoData's databases in a flexible cost-effective service.

Elasticsearch technology has rapidly become the industry standard in stable enterprise search options.  Combined with NominoData’s extensive data sets, your search for a stable and all-encompassing risk search solution ends here.

Data sets include the following:

Sanctions and Watchlist : Search service for OEM, systems integrators and financial institutions​

Smart Adverse Media:  Reduces the time analysts spend when performing enhanced due-diligence on persons or corporations.

Cannabis Related Business (CRB) Data Solution:  identifies legitimate CRBs and their Beneficial Owners in all the disparate “legalized” states.

HIDTA/HIFCA Compliance Database: Includes all the
disparate government information and consolidated the HIDTA/HIFCA designated counties listing(s) by State, County, City and mapped those counties to Zip-Codes/Area Codes

Human Trafficking Risk Data:  Allows FIs to search within customer profiles and identify suspicious data through phone numbers, emails, etc.


Names Variations:  Name variations used for enhanced entity resolution to improve algorithmic search systems.

Custom datasets upon request.

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