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Nominodata data connector for the Senzing matching platform available

Exciting news from our continued partnership with Senzing! We're proud to announce the launch of a new data connector specifically for the Nominodata format. This development marks a significant enhancement in risk management and compliance capabilities, integrating a wealth of data directly into Senzing's platform.

What makes this connector a game-changer? It provides access to a broad spectrum of data critical for comprehensive risk assessment and compliance, including:

- Primary Sanctions Watch List

- Export Controls

- Reference source

- Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

- Domestic (USA) Politically Exposed Persons

- Exchange Enforcement

- Banking Enforcement

- Most Wanted

- Law Enforcement

- Weapons of Mass Destruction

- Marijuana-related risks

- Human Trafficking

- Pharma risk

- State Owned Entity

- Debarment

- Crypto Risk

- Asset recovery

- Corrupt Officials

- Non-Government Organizations

- Environmental crimes

- Russian Risk

- High Risk Countries

- Forced Labor

- Gang Risk

This comprehensive integration empowers organizations with the insights needed to navigate complex compliance landscapes and manage risks effectively, ensuring informed decision-making.

Ready to take your compliance strategy to the next level? Download the connector now: [](

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