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Products and Services


NominoData has revolutionized the process by creating a comprehensive, easy to use solution. This solution, with a simplistic user interface provides the investigator, analyst or researcher a tool to conduct due diligence work. Whether the business requirements are for on-boarding, FIU investigations, EDD, Red Flag or alert response, case follow-up or any other task, OneClickCOMPLIANCE reveals the information.




NominoData has developed a data file that identifies legitimate MRBs and their Beneficial Owners in all the disparate “legalized” states. The data file provides up to date information about the businesses and their owners. While each state has different identifying data, generally, the data file has core information needed to conduct primary due diligence and enhanced due diligence of the MRBs. The data is delivered in an easy to integrate format that can be joined with any KYC, transaction monitoring or case Management solution.



A data service that aggregates sanctions and watch lists into an easy to use data file or web service to process sanctions list checking. The database is automatically updated as changes are posted the subscribed lists.





High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) and High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (HIFCA) Database File Solution for Financial Institutions Compliance Programs

Financial Institutions are required to incorporate HIDTA and HIFCA designated areas and counties into their compliance and risk rating programs. In response to this business requirement NominoData has created a data file that can be utilized to specially identify HIDTA and HIFCA listings primarily by zip-code along with State, County, City and Area-Code.


Risk management and compliance are key issues facing today’s global organizations. NegativeNewsPlus is a unique search engine that reduces the time analysts spend when performing enhanced due-diligence on persons or corporations.


Identification of names in various cultures has been a problem for a very long time. The use of computers and algorithms to match names has been fundamentally flawed from the early usage of Soundex to the application of ever more complex algorithms.

NominoData has assembled name data from around the world to help companies use enhanced name data to look up and supplement an algorithmic approach to entity resolution. NominoData’s NamePLUS is one of the world’s largest name variant databases with millions of catalogued names and variants from around the world.