Reputation Management Tactics- Results in the suppression of Negative News inhibiting quality due diligence investigations



If your financial institution is using a federated search tool like Google your efforts may be thwarted by reputation management services that are suppressing negative news/ adverse media searches. Recently  a reputation management company wrote …

“It is possible to have the undesirable search engine result moved to a less visible spot in the search engine results pages. You can push the listing back to page two, three, four or give it the boot all the way to page ten! The farther back, the less likely it is to be found.

Suppression and Re-population: We use a number of SEO and content development tactics to suppress the unwanted results and repopulate the search results with positive, informative and educational material about you or your company.”

Nominodata’s CheckforRisk Negative News  search engine combats reputation management suppression by deploying analytics that search for negative behavior avoiding suppression tactics that are centered on individuals and entities. For more information about Nominodata’s market leading negative search engine please visit or contact