Panama Papers- the data is out! Enhanced Data solution tool available from NominoData


Panama Papers- the data is out! Now use it to De-risk and conduct enhanced due diligence! The challenge now is to apply technology enriched data that will enable your financial institution to effectively utilize the information to mitigate risk and enhance the compliance process. As always, the concentration is on KYC, beneficial ownership and sanctions management. In order to maximize analysis and proper business application, NominoData is releasing a Panama Papers data file in a format that includes information that has been analyzed with the following focus:

-Name variants to identify aliases of the identified parties
-Politically Exposed Persons relationships to enhance the data
-Screening of the data against a Negative News/Adverse Media cache (optional enhanced version)
-Sanctions/Watch-list scrub (optional enhanced version)

The file can be delivered in a XML or CSV format for seamless integration with most existing KYC, Transaction Monitoring or Case Management technologies. Nominodata has existing relationships with a number of the leading technology architecture providers. Alternate, ala’carte components of the data file can be selected and delivered to specifically meet business requirements of the financial institution. This data file can be constructed to meet specific broad or narrow business needs.For more information about this important data file please contact