The OCC has provided the attached link for definition of High Intensity Financial Crimes Areas (HIFCA) and High Intensity Drug Traffic Areas (HIDTA). http://www.occ.gov/topics/compliance-bsa/bsa/law-enforcement-resources/index-law-enforcement-resources.html.

To help financial institutions comply with regulations pertaining to HIFCA and HIDTA. NominoData has just released a data list that identifies these regions by zipcode and area code. This provides compliance officers and financial crimes specialists with an easy to use data set for all HIFCA and HIDTA requirements. NominoData provides this list at the low cost of $499. For $799 NominoData will send updated files for a year. For more information, please contact Rob Goldfinger at rgoldfinger@nominodata.com. NominoData also provides solutions for Negative News, Sanctions and PEPS.